Monitoring and Observability

Infrastructure monitoring

In order to understand what your Kubernetes cluster is doing, you can use Grafana and check the dashboards.

Access Grafana

Port forward the Grafana service to a local port. Then access Grafana on http://localhost:3000
Default admin credentials are username: admin ; password: admin
$ kubectl port-forward service/prometheus-operator-grafana 3000:80


By default the Testground infrastructure playbooks auto-provision a set of dashboards that provide visibility into the Testground infrastructure:
Currently provisioned dashboards in Grafana
As Testground matures, these dashboards are likely to change.

Cluster-wide resources utilisation

You can view aggregated resources usage on the whole Cluster with the USE Method / Cluster dashboard.

Worker node resources utilisation

You can view CPU, memory, network, disk utilisation per node at the USE Method / Nodeedashboard.

Application / Test run monitoring

In order to understand what your test run is doing, you can use Grafana and view some of the metrics emitted by it to InfluxDB, while it is running, such as the:
  • Life-cycle events
  • Diagnostics (i.e. go runtime metrics)

Redis monitoring

Redis is an integral part of the sync service used to provide synchronisation and coordination between test plan instances. You can check it's utilisation on the Redis dashboard.

WeaveNet monitoring

WeaveNet is used for the data plane in Testground - all test plan instances communicate with each other over WeaveNet. You can check statistics from the usage of the network at the WeaveNet dashboards.